Happy St David’s Day

Happy St David’s Day!

Today the Welsh celebrate our patron saint… St David… or Dewi Sant.

My childhood memories of St David’s day are slightly bitter sweet.

Firstly, I hated wearing my welsh costume to school… Welsh girls everywhere have Lady Llanover to partly thank for that… She is thought to have championed the welsh costume during the 19th century to declare identity when it was thought to have been under threat.

This is what little Welsh girls have to endure every March 1st…

To be fair… This is a bad example… The hat was never that big usually!

Thats the bitter part…

The sweet part is that school on St David’s day consisted of a church concert in the morning and then a half day!..A half day off school!!!… Fantastic! This doesn’t happen any more, but when I was growing up, I think I was more grateful to St David for that, than I was for the miracles he was said to have performed..

This morning, it was an absolute joy to see little boys and girls on their way to school in welsh costumes, ¬†or with daffodils and leeks pinned on their chests….

Now that I’m older, I understand more about St David, and the importance of a Country celebrating a national day… I’m proud to be Welsh, I’m proud of my Country and I’m proud of my heritage.

In the last sermon to his followers before his death, the last words thought to have been spoken by St David are…

“Do the little things in life”

A message still as important today as it was in the 6th century..

(I would have liked to have spoken more about St David, but I rather stupidly started this post at the eleventh hour (quite literally) and needed to publish it before midnight)