Doodles – Etchings of the subconscious mind

We all do it. On the phone, in the office, in the classroom…

I’m really interested in what my subconscious mind is telling me, so I want to know what my doodles mean. What subtle messages are being expressed by me when I’m absent-mindedly doodling?

Here is a typical page of my doodles


What does it all mean?

After spending 10 minutes Googling doodle analysis, I found out the following…

I’m an introvert, with a practical, methodical mind, but also a free-thinker who is creative and imaginative. I’m flexible, patient, persistent and am able to concentrate. I could have a suspicious nature, a need for harmony, love, security and show feelings of being trapped. I’m nostalgic, have a curious mind and possible self-image issues.


Another interesting observation I made, is that I’ve doodled and drawn that same street of houses for years. I found these which date back to when I was in college in 1996. I must have drawn it hundreds of times since.

What does it mean to have drawn the same scene for the past 15 years?