Take the time to smile, find the time to laugh

Humour, to me, is one of the most attractive qualities. I look for it in people, so it’s no surprise that all my friendships/relationships are with people who really make me laugh. I am also blessed with a very funny family. Peculiar and ‘ha ha’.

Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by people who are funny? Laughing is infectious. FACT.

If I think about my relationships with colleagues in work, the people I have the most connection with are those who make me smile and make me laugh.

I love wit, I love sarcasm, I love slapstick and I love nonsensical random surreal humour.

Laughing is good for you. Laughing is healthy. The science behind it is that not only does it release endorphins, it helps your heart too. It improves the blood flow to your heart in a similar way exercise does. So, technically, laughing is exercise. Now surely, you don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to give yourself a good humour workout.

There are hundreds of benefits to laughing, so it baffles me that sometimes my more natural reaction to situations is to be frustrated/annoyed/angry/impatient etc…

So, for 2011, one of my aims (I prefer to call them aims & goals rather than resolutions) is to take the time to smile more, and find the time to laugh more. We all face challenges, we all have obstacles, but what separates us is how we react to them.

My aim is to try to find humour in whatever life throws at me. The one perfect example I have of already doing this, is the day of my Grandfather’s funeral.

Surprising yeah?

I’m not trying to make light of this situation. Losing a loved one is the most painful ache you’ll ever feel, and I loved my Grandfather immensely and miss him dearly. He was hilariously funny. If I had to describe him in three words, it would be firstly, sarcastic.., then witty… and finally.. tall!

The day of his funeral, all my immediate family had gathered in my Nanna’s for a private service before the church. After the service the vicar approached our side of the room.

Vicar   –    “I’m so sorry for your loss, which one of you is Auntie S? “

Turning to my Auntie M

Vicar   –    “Are you Auntie S?”

Auntie M   –    “Yes”

Vicar   –    “I’ve heard a lot about you”

Auntie M   –    ” Oh right”

Vicar   –    ” So Auntie S, Your staying with your Mam whilst we’re at the church

Auntie M   –    “Yes I am”

Out of the corner of the room, the real Auntie S lifts her hand and quietly says

“Um, I’m Auntie S”

The vicar continued to engage in conversation with Auntie M
Auntie S trys again, but slightly louder

“Um, I’m Auntie S”

This time the vicar hears her and swings around to speak to her.

Vicar   –    “Sorry, You’re Auntie S”?

Auntie S    –   “Yes”

The vicar quite perplexed swings back to Auntie M and asks the question that we were all starting to wonder..

Vicar   –    “Oh sorry, Why did you say you were Auntie S”?

Auntie M   –    “I don’t know! I panicked”

The Vicar smiles, and turns to face Auntie S

Vicar   –    “So you’re Auntie S and you’re staying here with Mam?”

At this exact moment, my cousin enters the room from the kitchen

Auntie S    –   “Yes, and that’s my son, he’s been sleeping with my mother”

I have to clarify at this point,  this was a completely innocent, innocuous remark, and the next minute was spent with Auntie S explaining what she had meant. All she had meant was that my cousin had been sleeping over in the flat to keep my Nanna company.

Rather than crying into a tissue as I had been, I was now using it to stifle my laugh.

My point is, as painfully emotional as that day was, when I reflect on it, that part always makes me smile, and it always will.

It made a sad day bearable. I smiled that day when I didn’t expect to, and I laughed that day when I thought it impossible to. I’ve no doubt in my mind that standing alongside us, doing exactly the same was my Grampa.

And that, is my inspiration to seek out the humour in life’s events and do more smiling and more laughing.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Moira Pritchard
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 00:36:59

    I remember that as clearly as if it was today & I think you’re absolutely right – Grampa was probably laughing his head off at the farce that was unfolding. As his younger daughter – the baby as he always referred to me – it was a difficult day for me. Yet I remember laughing so much at certain aspects, be it memoroies of things gone by or happenings on the day. If it were possible for someone to be at their own funeral I think he would have enjoyed it. One memory of him I have is he always referred to you as his princess. I said to him once ‘ You never called me that’. His reply was ‘ You never deserved it’. It might have skipped a generation ‘princess’ but you certainly deserve it! Much Love. Mam xx


  2. Steve Walters
    Jan 09, 2011 @ 21:51:07

    Hi Bethan,

    your blinkin’ blog still doesn’t message me once you’ve posted??? Look into it!! (OK, I know I’m the techie one, but, you need to login to your WordPress Control Panel and try to find out why I don’t get mailed once you post).

    Rant over… !

    I had a similar experience at my Mum’s Best Friend’s Mother’s Funeral ? I coldn’t think of a more succinct way of writing that sentence; Friend-Of-Our-Family’s MUM possibly?

    Anyway, I was at the Funeral during the Cremation and just as the Coffin started to be rolled toward the Furnace/Curtains, we all heard a Really loud ‘Record Scratching Cockerel’ – the Husband to our Family Friend glared over both shoulders to find out who’d make such a noise, he then looked up into the roof / the God’s as if it were divine intervention.

    Turn out… it was my Mum’s Mobile Phone. It was a crappy old Motorola which even when turned off, still sound any alarms/reminder’s. The Funky Cockerel/Record Scratching Tune was the daily default my mum had set which reminds all in her office it’s time for a tea break 3.45pm I think it was. Barmy or what?

    Needless to say, it got a few good laughs afterward at the Wake; even though we all had lost a close friend in her 90’s and to Cancer!

    There you have it; my input’age.

    Keep up the good work.

    PS. I’ve always found other’s whom ‘really’ make me laugh to actually prove quite selfish (my brother as an example; an old friend of mine as another). However, all my life I’ve been described as VERY serious, since I’ve had my 1st child Joseph I’ve never laughed soooooooo much; every day (no exageration)! You might have noticed I don’t laugh easily at much, but Joseph gets me laughing so easily.


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